Paint, FSBO and The Green Bay Packers

So today we sat down and came up with a list of things to finish on the house before we can put it on the market. Researched the market values in our neighborhood and starting to explore FSBO. We made a run to Home Depot to purchase the tall items on the order; paint, caulk, drywall and mud. Then ran a few more errands and a quick meal at our favorite mexican restaurant, El Sarape.

There were cars everywhere! People everywhere. Like the day before Christmas. Then I remembered, I live in Green Bay, WI right now and tomorrow the Green Bay Packers play in the super bowl! The buzz was everywhere, people were tense, excited and in a hurry. Green and Gold everywhere. In a town of 200 or so thousand, this is a BIG deal! I’m not really a football fan and Craig’s team is out but I do hope those fella’s win. I really do.

On to maintenance and lists. Well, maybe starting Monday.



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Jana Holland

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