These Old Bones

fear came knocking

it found me waiting

they call it skin cancer

i call it frustaiting

i’ve got things to do, you see

this is not how it’s suppose to be

there’s the downtrodden and tired

i long to offer good company

i’ve got things to do, i say!

and you’re getting in the way

souls to offer healing and music to play

you’ll just have to come another day

surrendering my mind, body and soul

is that the key?

well, take these old bones

and LORD have mercy

take these old bones

and set me free.


Published by

Jana Holland

One thought on “These Old Bones”

  1. Old bones? Ah the groaning for the day of redemption. Started as soon as we were born but now, we’re more aware aren’t we Jana? Old bones – yes, a reminder that He is coming. But you’re right, this skin cancer stuff gets in the way of productivity but in another way brings out the longing for things that really matter. I see that in your poem and in you.


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