Pocketful of Sunshine in Northern MN

Terrapin Station and Green Scene

There’s a pocketful of sunshine in Northern Minnesota and the host is Brother Brian of Terrapin Station, Nevis, MN. I met Brian via our friends Patchouli.  Talk about a local connector. Brian is passionate about bringing original music and culture to his community. He is a local/global thinker and we absolutely enjoyed our time in his neck of the woods.

Nevis, MN is not the sort of place you’d expect a thriving indie folk venue to exist. But Brian and his wife, Stacey have been tilling that soil for sometime now and the garden is in full bloom. The venue itself is a very modest but handsome building with a beautiful mural on the side of the building (Painted by the fabulous, Bruce Hecksel

Inside is a feeling of warmth and community. The stage/sound quality was fantastic. Probably one of the best we’ve played on. And, to top it all off Brian’s darling daughter, Jenna, shared her handwritten songs for the first time in public. Such a gifted young lady with a servant’s heart. It felt like home the moment we arrived.

Being a bit of a hike from anywhere, Brian worked hard to hook us up with more venues and introduced us to the Legends and Logging Festival in Park Rapids, MN where we got to meet a long time web friend, Tom Feldmann. That boy can play!

Then there was the Green Scene Farmers Market in Walker, MN.  The Green Scene is a homegrown business offering whole foods and a quality experience. Owner, Erin Andrus, is a delight. She is motivated, smart and kind. Her desire to bring good food to her community is paying off and this June she opened her doors to the public at the Green Scene. It is a neat little market/deli with a eco-friendly feel. The food is amazing and the staff, equally amazing. We were met with smiles and a cup of cold water on a hot day. A handful of venders, local farmers, bee keepers, craftsmen, music by The Hollands! and wool spinners made for a beautiful afternoon. If you are ever in the north woods of MN. Stop in and visit Erin and her staff. …Read more about Erin’s story


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