Kinfolk in Zigzag

It was 7 pm before we arrived in Zigzag, OR, a little town in the ski fields of Mt. Hood. It was dark and snowing,  we were in unfamiliar territory and we were hoping we wouldn’t miss the venue. Then we came upon the Skyway Bar and Grill, set off to the right with twinkle lights through out the courtyard singing for us to come in. The forest was thick around the edges and the parking lot full of vehicles. We could feel the excitement in the air even before entering the building. An eclectic mix of stained glass windows, tin roofing, a crackling fireplace surrounded by a huge mural of a skiing woodland scene, and ancient decor mixed with remnants from pop culture welcomed us as we entered the front door. Tracie the owner, with her husband Tom, smiled and declared “the band is here!” We were met with smiles and hello’s. It was like coming home after a long long journey.

It didn’t take us long to settle in. The Skyway has 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on all of the food websites and we were excited to eat. We had a delightful server who walked us through the menu, which looked delicious. We ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with the mystery BBQ sauce (it changes and this time it was a orange tequila sauce) and hand cut fries. I love it when a dish brings back a feeling of warmth and well being and this one did just that. My first bite took me back to 12 yrs old in Muskegon, MI at US 31 BBQ. A fond memory with family, a feeling of home.

After our dinner, we were ready to take the stage and Tom was our guide. A gentle and kind soul, Tom helped set us up with everything we needed. He was a delight to work with and even graced us with a harmonica solo during our favorite, Wayfaring Stranger.

Tracie and Tom have the real deal going. They don’t just invite you into a venue/dining experience they invite you into their home. All ages are welcome at the Skyway Bar and Grill. We look forward to visiting with our new friends again.


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Jana Holland

2 thoughts on “Kinfolk in Zigzag”

  1. Life is what you make it – If you had not left on the road – you may never have experienced this – so much more to be seen = thank you sharing….


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