The PNW is Our Soft Spot

After a whirlwind summer and all of the community and individual effort it took to get us on our way, we find ourselves in a similar situation to a new born baby that fought her way into the world only to find she’s helpless. We had a vauge plan when we left, knowing that tilling and traveling was our call, but not knowing the how or where we would find ourselves. I think they call that “faith.” 🙂

Honestly, we could not have planned a better first stop on our journey of mobility. The Pacific Northwest has become our soft spot. We were ready for the hard road but the gentle hand and Author of our journey had a different idea. A better idea. And so, we are fixed in central Oregon in a little town called Sisters until mid-Feb.

While we are here we are finding a valid place in community. We have been welcomed with open arms. The feeling is remarkable and some days a bit surreal. Even the mountains cry out with joy and the stars sing down upon us. Folks are eager and ready for us to share our gifts and talents. They are hospitable and open to growth. There is no doubt that we are suppose to be here for this time.

On a practical level, we named our bus. Calling it Celu’ Haven which means, “safe place of wholeness.”  It is not livable yet and so, we have been staying with a gracious and kind host couple appropriately named, “The Goldens” and they are golden. They live in a log cabin on a beautiful plot with gardens and a little tree hut that their grown son built when he was Banjo’s age. The kids have enjoyed the stability offered by staying with them and are starting to make friends through youth group at VAST and Young Life. They are also enrolled for an elective class at the local school. Graciana picked art and Banjo picked Gym. There is also a fantastic program through the parks and rec that offers kids the opportunity to learn to snow board at Hoodo. Banjo is stoked!

We are still trying to figure out the balance between working for a living and living to serve. We have nothing but we have everything and some how we make it through each day amazed and baffled at how God provides and keeps us on our way. For now, we are safe in His arms and for that we are thankful.

Here are some photo updates:

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2 thoughts on “The PNW is Our Soft Spot”

  1. Good to know that you folks are safe & sound. Oregon sound very nice. Keep the updates coming as you continue on your journey.


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