I Hide

 I Hide

I hide because I don’t want you to see my insecurities. I hide because I am self loathing yet full of pride With fear that either might bubble over, I hide to protect what little shell I have. This façade is to make you think that I’m fine, perfectly fine. All the while I’m bleeding from the lies and compromise. Darts flying left and right, One says “I suck”, the other says “I am god.”  I hide so that you won’t be put out. I hide so that I won’t be put out. Paranoid that you will find out that my life is one big wash. Afraid I’ll find out that you are not really strong. Shame is my general disposition and I can’t see past myself I can’t see that you already see me from the inside out. And, you love me still. Why do you still love me?

Published by

Jana Holland


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