Behind Door Number Two

Making decisions is becoming increasingly difficult. We are enjoying our time in Sisters, OR but understand it is almost time to leave this precious nest. Can we really fly on our own? And where are we going?

We have a brilliant and exciting plan. Leaving Feb 1, touring 30 days down the west coast, across to AZ, NM and then to CO. Park the bus and fly to Australia for two months of performance, serving and visiting family (it’s been 5 years since our last visit home) In April, fly back to CO, pick up the bus and begin to make our way back to the midwest.

With half our dates booked and people expecting us, it seems like a sure thing. However, after review of our finances and with only four more weeks left to prepare, the uncertainty is rising.

Imagine, you have $1 in you pocket. Behind door number one you have a dollar’s worth of debt. Behind door number two you have the opportunity to go serve overseas but it will cost you that $1. Behind door number three is a finished bus/home, that’ll also cost you $1. Which do you pick?

We made the hard choice of paying off our debt. And, once again our faith is being put to the test. The reality of our physical needs are frustrating and distracting. Yet, there is no question about it, we need help. We cling to these wise words, “The end of the matter is better than the beginning, and patience is better than pride.”

We recognize that we are only a piece of the puzzle and we invite you to partner with us. If you have a few dollars to spare or if you would like to become a monthly sponsor by committing to support us along the way, you can do so by clicking the GIVE button.

These are the items that your gift would go towards:
Air Tickets to Australia and transportation while we are there.
WVO Conversion which will allow us to move about the country without the concern of gas prices, making us more available to serve.
Electrical/Plumbing system. Although, we can survive without them, they would be a delight to have and share.
Immediate needs: Eye doctor/Glasses for Banjo.


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Jana Holland

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