Fly Birdy Fly

As we leave our little nest, a small piece of us remains in Sisters, OR. What a joy to stumble into community in such a rich way. The relationships established in the past four months are eternal and we are so grateful to be apart of a larger movement of health and reconciliation.

When we came we had a shell of a bus, the shirts on our backs and a glimpse of a vision. Thanks to the generosity of the community at VAST, we leave with electricity, a beginning of a kitchen, bedrooms, bike rack and an eco-toilet (gift of ALTREC), our belly’s full and a clearer understanding of our purpose and direction. We also leave with a continued partnership with KABUM COFFEE INTERNATIONAL, a world-class coffee organization.

We are team players and it is most exciting to partner with a global/local organization that is legitimately doing amazing things one village at a time. Kabum is a “True Trade” group that is building community in Uganda. They are offering real financial opportunities to local farmers and families. They are partnered with Hope Africa Child Development Program and together they are supporting one of the most impoverished areas in Uganda.

“Arise, Ye Sons and Daughters, lend a helping hand.” That’s what we sing. It is an encouragement to partner with Kabum and we are delighted to share them with you.

Learn more and consider sharing their efforts with your local roasters. Link up with Hope Africa Child Development Program and join us in the process of building this global/local community.



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