Feb 14, 2012. We spend the Hallmark day of Love visiting our dear friends Lori and John Nero out at their Thistledown Farm in Cottonwood, CA. We meet Lori and John in Wisconsin and feel in love. They are downright good folk. They are grounded, full of life and explorers extrodinares. They inspire us and we are delighted to introduce them to you.

Driving back to their property was enchanting. Winding back through miles of golden hills and dirt road we found their precious encampment. The green house followed by their 700 sq. foot yurt. It was the first time we’d ever seen a yurt and found it to be fascinating. Lori and John live like real pioneers. They have a real appreciation for harvesting energy via solar and recycling everything, including waste. They got our wheels spinning on ways to make our lifestyle even more planet friendly. It was a rich and encouraging day.

You can follow their blog to learn more about their frugal living, self-sustaining, self-subsistent homesteading journey at:

Rustic Freedom



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Jana Holland

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