Australia; Tagging


We got off of the United flight in Tullamarine (MEL) and found our way to the local fish and chips shop. It had been 5 years since our last visit and our mouths were watering. The sun was bright, the roads busy, everything was moving quickly. We were exahausted from the 30 hour trip but awake enough to take note of all of the grafitti tagging. It was glaring us in the face from the moment we found the car in the car park, on the way to the fish and chips shop and all the way home. It was on road signs, fences, electrical boxes, walls, every surface. At first, we though it might be the region we were in but found that the random squiggles of paint were everywhere, in beautiful upper class areas, remote beach areas, everywhere.


What were they trying to communicate? What were they trying to say? In a highly regulated and rule centric country I wondered, was it rebellion in the truest sense or just a bored power trip? Or was it a call for help?




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Jana Holland

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