Ducks in a Row

It was a year ago that we were driving up to Minneapolis, MN on WI-I94 when we detoured over to Fall Creek, WI to look at a bus that we found on Craigslist. We left that day, new owners of a 1984 MCI-9 (for those of you who don’t know buses, it’s like a Greyhound) It had been the Casper, WY Troopers Drum and Bugle bus and was now ours! We finished up a month of touring around MN and MI and at the beginning of September 2011 we drove back up to pick up our new home on wheels.

Craig started cramming information on bus conversions and worked night and day preparing for the road. We set a departure date of Oct. 12, 2011 and began the process of releasing all of our possessions. Folks would ask what our plan was, how long, where, etc…? We fumbled with answers trying to sound like grown up’s with our ducks in a row. The reality was that we had no idea how it was all going to work.

325 days ago, on Sept 30, just a week and a half till our launch, I was anxious and wrote up this list of supplies still needed and a schedule of things to get done. It’s totally insane!


Plywood 5/8 or 3/4, Drill bits 1/8, Propane tank 11.2 & Mounting kit (help mounting), Electrical wire 12/2 & 14/2, 100 gal. Fresh water tank, 100 gal. Grey water tank, 50 gal Black water tank, 1600btu RV furnace x2


Fri. window, bend duct work

Sat. firing strips on walls, insulation

Sun. firing & insulation, cabinets

Mon. electrical, cabinets, bunks

Tues: electrical, cabinets, bunks

Wed: hitch, cabinets

Thurs. external walls

Fri. internal walls

Sat. day off

Sun. paint, plumbing

Mon. paint, plumbing

Tues. pack the bus, clean out house, perform our farewell show

Wed. leave 10am.

Ha! I saved the list and we laugh about it often as we move thankfully down the road. Almost a year in and thanks to many kind contributions we have windows, the hitch, firing strips, external & internal walls, cabinets & storage, bunks, kitchen counter tops, fridge, stove, heating system, partial electrical and plumbing systems and paint.

Folks still ask us what the plan is etc… and now we answer differently. We say, “We open to allowing the plan to unfold as we go. We don’t know how long this chapter will last and are less inclined to make lists. We hold tightly to our faith and trust that if and when things are meant to happen they will. ”


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