Dream Talk

Tonight we are alone, as a family for the first time in months. We have been on the road since October of 2011. Time for “dream” talk. This is where we all bring our struggles,  dreams, desires and hopes to the table. Hearing, praying and wait to hear direction for this year’s tilling and/or traveling.

Top ten 2013 Dreams for The Hollands Family:

  1. Warm Climate (beach)
  2. Extended stay in community (3 or 4 months)
  3. Explore other homeschooling options
  4. Grow friendships
  5. Miracles
  6. Music-growth, mentor other muso’s, record, community
  7. Family time, activities
  8. Learn Spanish
  9. Dentist cleaning
  10. 2014 Australia

Below is a detailed list of struggles we’ve encountered (not in any particular order). Followed by our dreams and desires for the future.

Craig- On bus life, long for more projects (construction, gardening, working with hands). On family, more respect and acknowledgment from kids for freedoms given. On weather, no more cold weather.

DREAMS:  Craig- Finish bus conversion // Record two albums in 2013 // Mentor young muso’s on the bus // Learn Spanish // Vacation // And for 2014 Travel internationally, hoping to visit Australia from Jan- April of 2014 // Driving the bus to South America.

Jana- On bus life, long for little bit slower pace, to grow friendships and see fruit in communities. On weather, need warmth and the beach. On virtual school, not pleased with the pace, would like to see the kids really learning, not just pushing through material and regurgitating to meet state standards.

DREAMS: Jana- Three or four month stay in community, where we can dive in, serve and the kids can connect with other students // Beach //  Launch two albums, better Hollands gigs for 2013, performing arts centers, folk radio, etc…  // Learn Spanish // See miracles, healing // Dentist // 2014 visit Australia

Graciana- On bus life, struggle with unmet expectations, longing for more interaction with 15-19 yr olds. tired of same conversation over and over with new people. i.e… “What’s your favorite place you’ve been? What do you miss most? So, how are you liking bus life?” On weather, no more cold. On school, not a fan of virtual school. Would like to explore other home school options.

DREAMS: Graciana- Really connect with friends // Beach // Learn to drive // Learn Spanish // New education options //  More family time // Workout // Learn to surf // 2014 travel internationally, long to get to know family in Australia better.

Banjo- On bus life, long for more time with peers, specially boys. On weather, no more cold. On family, less talking over each other and more listening. On school, not a fan. Really wants to “unschool.”

DREAMS: Banjo- Ride the Whoops! in Bend, OR // Unschool // Family activities, like carnivals, laser tag, water parks, skinny dipping. (ha!) // Visit NY //Learn Spanish // Visit the Andersons in IA // 2014 Australia

We also each came up with a word that we want to focus on this year as well as encourage one another in. Individually the words have significant meaning but together they are powerful.

  • Craig- Faithfulness
  • Jana- Perseverance
  • Graciana- Responsibility
  • Banjo- Gratitude

Excited to see what is in store.

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