Quartzsite Bus Rally

Bus RallyQuartzsite Arizona is a sea of RV’s, buses, motor coaches, campers, and tents. In fact, along the service road off Interstate 10 and Hwy 95 is a make shift tent city with barbers, food venders, gemstones, jewelry, grocery, trinkets, crafts, car show, RV show and Bus Rally.

We found out about the bus rally from a forum that we participate in, busconversions.com. We stopped in on our way from Los Angeles to Phoenix and found a welcoming community of bus owners who invited us to stay. We took them up on their generosity and stayed for the night.  We shared in a pot luck meal, played a few Hollands tunes for them and enjoyed a bon fire. We also were invited in to see a number of the conversions, GM, MCI’s, and Eagles. We even saw the bus that Elvis toured in. 🙂

A great stop over for us and we look forward to joining in on many more Bus Rally’s down the line.

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Jana Holland


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