Little Curly Locks

20130324-170001.jpgMy baby girl turned 16 this year and she is undergoing some major changes. The nose piercing was a big moment, however the permanent straightening of her curly locks was a monumental moment. I know it’s a right of passage for a teenager to be able to  chose their own style and Graciana is beautiful inside and out. I love her no matter what she fashion she chooses but this one was hard.

We went to the Aveda Institute in Austin, TX to have it done. Her stylist was Alfonso and he was precious. He seemed genuinely excited and had a great disposition. He was good at answering our questions and putting us at ease. The whole process took a number of helping hands and about 4 hour, including the cut. The total was $120. In the end, Graciana was radiant. We’ll see how long it lasts. 🙂

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Jana Holland

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