Modern Day


When we launched on this journey of travel, faith, and merrymaking we had no idea how it would all work. We just knew we needed to do it. Over the course of the past year and a half we have begun to learn what it means to be in this ol’ world but not of it, most importantly recognizing well-meaning systems that have oppressed us, financial, religious, music industry, parenting standards, etc… It has been a year of redefining our reality, of being open to a grand plan but not being in charge of it. We learned very quickly that we are not in control of this journey and one of the greatest realities of this fact can be seen in our finances. We work to make our way, with the hopes of carrying our own load but the fact of the matter is that this has not turned out to be a “self-sustaining mission, but rather a test of faith and willingness to participate in the interconnectivity of a greater body. It’s hard to put into words but without asking, we have had many give to us along our way. In our most delicate state, strangers have walked up to us and handed us a $100 bill and there are friends who have committed to giving regularly towards our efforts without the reciprocality of a non-profit tax break. It has truly caught us off guard and we are humbled by this Divine economy.

Over the course of time, we have discussed with many who have suggested we become a non-profit. However, through our research, we’ve found it’s not as easy as some think. We longed to be in a position to honor those who give to us by offering that tax break, but it seemed impossible. And so, we left it in the good Lords hands. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be. We would continue on, doing what we do.

Then in Austin, TX, just a few weeks ago, we met Jesse Heikkila, who works with a group called Modern Day. He explained that Modern Day exists to build bridges between those who are called to go into all the world and those who are called to send them. It is their mission to equip missionaries and facilitate their needs as they are preparing to go and also as they are serving out in the field. We listened. We liked what we heard. A bridge, that is exactly what we needed. So we submitted our application, seeking spiritual covering from Kineo Church in Phoenix, AZ and have recently been accepted as Modern Day Field Workers. We are excited to see this come to fruition and invite you to visit us at Modern Day…

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Jana Holland

2 thoughts on “Modern Day”

  1. Wonderful Craig and Jana! We’ll be moving to Phoenix as you know and hang out with you in the near future. This news about Modern Day is creative and I pray God continues to support you in His economy of love and well being. Money is a part of it, yes, but I’m learning from you how community and relationship is rich in and of itself. Will be praying though that God brings in the bucks too – not only as a blessing for you but to facilitate what He wants to do with you in His kingdom.


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