The Doss Barn

20130506-171324.jpgMy two years of high school in Northern Indiana were uneventful to say the least. However, as an adult, it’s always interesting to revisit this midwestern state, leaving preconceived notions at the door and exploring anew. This time around we connected with a barn concert series in Evansville, IN and found hospitality and community waiting. Our hosts, the Doss family welcomed us to their hobby farm property outside of the University town. We found comfort in a family style meal and began sharing history and stories with the Doss’s and their extended family. Our son found friendship with their son, who was close in age and they had excellent conversations about WW11 while playing an all time favorite video game called mine-craft.

After dinner and a short rest we found our way to the barn to set up shop. It was a rustic and charming barn with typical farm decor as well as pieces from the Doss’s work in National parks and in the field of geology. There was a little stage, hay bale benches and an area for food and wine. Guests began to arrive and we could feel anticipation in the air. Our bellies were full, our spirits were high and although it was a cold, over cast day, the rain did not come. We warmed up the barn by inviting the sixty or so kinfolk to join us in our merrymaking and by the end of the evening the barn was warm and the mice were dancing.

A few guests stayed behind to help clean up as the party moved out to the bonfire. We enjoyed another two hours of song by the fireside, laughing and singing with the Doss family and their kin. The most tender part of the night was when our daughter joined us by the fire and blessed us with a few of her own tunes. What a pleasure to share life so fully with those open to our company. We are thankful for those committed to building community. We are thankful for those who help keep us folkies on our way. And, when the time is right we will look forward to sharing in song and community with these fine folks again.


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