Seasons Change

20130508-121609.jpgWe had a beautiful winter season of neighboring with communities along the West coast, Southwest and Cajun country, learning about different communal philosophies, experiencing miracles, sharing story, embracing and encouraging kinfolk to continue to care for their communities and each other. Through it all, a pattern of sorts was established and we had become comfortable in our travels. However, as the seasons change, there is a shift in the wind and we sense that the winter chapter is over. As funny as it sounds, coming from us nomads, “we are once again, heading into the unknown.” We have a longing to continue to move in community but it is beginning to take a different form. We feel a pull to try to hang on to what we know. History has proven however, that we can not and so we take a deep breath, enter the mystery and continue on trusting and rolling forward in faith.

20130508-121629.jpgWe are freedom seekers.

Freedom is light.

Freedom is unconditional love.

Freedom is the very






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Jana Holland

One thought on “Seasons Change”

  1. That’s the beauty of life. It’s ever changing. Just because history proves something wrong doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. And, hey, the definition of ‘hanging on to what you know’ can change its meaning can’t wait to see what’s to come or you all.


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