Healthcare on the Road

IMG_1060It’s been an interesting process to navigate the waters of healthcare while traveling. Thank the Lord, most of our aliments have been minor and we have found homeopathic resources to take care of our needs. However, when our frames don’t cooperate, we have to seek the guidance of professionals and generally pay cash out-of-pocket.

There are free clinics in most cities but we have found that unless you are a resident of those communities the access to those clinics is not available. Then there are the walk in clinics at Walmart and Target that work well for minor issues that need a little extra support. But, our lifeline really comes from a handful of generous and compassionate care givers across the country, from Nurses, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapist, and Chiropractic Doctors who have graciously given of their time and talents to help keep us healthy and on our way.

IMG_1059We are especially grateful for kinfolk like Dr. Randal Arnold and his son, Dr. Levi Arnold at Peninsula Chiropractic for joining us in our missional call and gifting us with excellent care while we were in Wisconsin. It is because of God’s faithfulness through folks like the Arnold family that we keep rolling on, health in our bodies and our faith grows a little stronger.


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Jana Holland

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