Black Hawk Folk Festival

Black Hawk Folk FestivalThe 26th annual Black Hawk Folk Festival took place at on a pleasant, sunny day, mid-July. Nestled next to Lake Morris in Mt. Morris Town Park, the Black Hawk Folk Festival is a little gem of a festival. We were honored to perform along side Greg Boerner, Ken Lonnquist, Dave Adler, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, Andrea Stader, and Bill & Kate Isles. The festival sponsors and hosts were quite welcoming and the stage and sound was fantastic. It was so fun to see our dear friends Bill and Kate and one of our favorite moments was when MC and percussionist Bill Kehl invited our son up to join him for a segment.

It’s folks like those involved in the Black Hawk Folk Society that keep the grass-roots music movement alive and we are forever grateful for their commitment. We look forward to connecting with the kinfolk at the Black Hawk Folk Society down the line.


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