We made our way across the great state of Kansas with a stop in Hays, Kansas. Home of the Fort Hays State University Tigers and Buffalo Bill Cody. Our purpose was to perform a concert at the downtown Hays Public Library. As we were working out logistics for where we were going to park for the night we found that there were no local campgrounds or RV parks in Hays. So, we called the Hays Visitors Center to see if they could direct us anywhere. The kind lady on the other line suggested the hospital had two spots for guests of the cancer ward. We didn’t really fit that criteria but thought we would risk rejection and give it a try.

Hays Medical CenterThe first fellow I spoke with was tentative at first but the more I explained our situation the more he softened and referred me on to his boss. I left a message and an hour later his boss called and to our delight, welcomed us with open arms. He explained the directions and let us know if we needed anything to give him a call.

The hospitality we experienced at the Hays Medical Center was more than generous. We were able to fill up our water tank, enjoy an inexpensive meal in the air conditioned cafeteria and have a safe, good nights sleep before heading on to Colorado.

Our time at the library was just as welcoming with staff meeting us at the door to lend a helping hand, a laid back spirit and a house full of kinfolk to enjoy the show.

Thank you Hays, Kansas for taking care of us. We look forward to seeing you again down the line!


Photos taken by Colleen Davick at our Hays Library performance. Colleen rode with us from Aug 14-29. She is a mother, wife, gifted photographer and joined us on flute/harmonies for our performances across Il, KS, and CO. We are grateful for her support and for capturing moments during these two weeks.



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