Host Family – San Diego

IMG_4092It is a beautiful thing, to be invited into someone home to share space and community. We met our San Diego/Carlsbad family on a visit to Colorado Springs and they suggested that we swing through on our way down to Phoenix this year. How can you pass that up!

We enjoyed the full immersion into the daily in’s and out’s of their lives. Mike is an innovative and thoughtful fella, busy starting up a genome company and Lauren, his wife, is one classy lady. She’s warm, welcoming and a leader among women. Their three little ones were delightful with bright spirits full of joy and laughter.

It was a change of pace for us but the “young family flow” is one we remember well. Car seats, soccer games, mommy groups, long work days, trips to the park, the beach, in-and-out burger, laundry and naps. Over the weekend, they threw a lovely house concert, inviting friends from play groups, church, neighborhood and family. It was an honor to be able to be used to bring their community together and we look forward to hearing how that community continues to grow.

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Jana Holland

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