Pondering Chemtrail Sunsets

Yesterday, I shared a story about the amazing display of creation that shown around us at a Caballo Lake state park in southern New Mexico. We were camping near the lake with the stunning mountains as our back drop. When we arrived the sun was dazzling on the water and the sky was blue with a beautiful set of altostratus and altocumulus clouds.  I took photos of the magical colors that filled the sky as the sun was setting. When we woke up it was raining but the scenery was still just as breathtaking.

When I posted the blog to my Facebook, I stated that the past twenty hours blew our minds. And, asked folks to take a look at the masterpiece that the Creator painted for us.

I was taken aback by a few responses to the blog, stating that what I saw and experienced was not God-made but man-made. They went on to share with me about chemtrails and how the government is polluting the atmosphere, dropping poison from the sky. I felt rebuked and embarrassed for not knowing and I took their responses to heart. I watched the video sent to me on the subject and I felt terrified. I had never heard of these chemtrails and after visiting a few links, I don’t doubt there is some truth to them.

And yet, after all of the information,  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it? How was I suppose to respond? Was I meant to take the photos down? Was it more about giving mis-placed credit for the beauty I was seeing or was I not meant to see beauty in it at all?

Does knowing and excepting that man is behind the demise of our planet negate the beauty we see and the credit we give to God as the creator. Or do we take this knowledge and look beyond it to see something greater? How do we enjoy beauty without becoming skeptical?  What is the balance?


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8 thoughts on “Pondering Chemtrail Sunsets”

  1. I’m pretty sure they aren’t chemtrails. People just like to come up with conspiracy theories. You can rest easy and enjoy God’s creation.


  2. Whoa. That’s sad that people said that. You all are in my RSS feed, so I don’t end up seeing comments.

    Some of those are jet trails. Chemtrails is just out there. I could go into it deeper, but the short story is those are mostly made from condensation.

    You can find conspiracy theorists that will show “convincing” arguments about anything. Then they try to get congress to pass more laws, and that sure doesn’t help anything. People need to show a little more love, joy, and peace. Don’t make things into big issues that aren’t.

    Now if they were crying out about murdering millions of innocent babies every day in legalized abortion? Makes sense. That goes against God’s law. Statistically speaking, the most dangerous place that a person can be is in their mother’s womb.

    “Chemtrials?” Not an issue, and not worth it.

    Love you all’s music and family. Don’t let the negativity pull you down. Keep on signing and having fun.


      1. A follow on to yesterday comment. Google something about video proof that we never landed on the moon. All kinds of theories out there.

        You all keep on spreading the love, and don’t worry about the folks that like to spread their negativity. Life it too short. And yes. The Lord gets all the credit for His creation, not matter what.



  3. Have you checked the wikipedia account? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory
    They cite all the references and discuss the myth to a great extent. I’m sorry that uninformed people posted that in response to your appreciation of beauty. God created beauty – which exists in all of life (even in things made by man – which He created). Beauty should create joy in us as He intended it to. I knew a lot of conspiracy theorists growing up, and there are so many really silly things presented on the internet as fact, that it can be confusing. Fear should never guide us – of the unknown, of the possible.


  4. I think that it’s beautiful either way because God wants it that way. And In a way it can been even more beautiful if it is Chemtrails because it shows that God can take anything, no matter what man designs it for and make it beautiful. Look at our lives and things of man, we all shouldn’t be worthy of creating beauty or having our lives shine beauty to others but because of the grace and love given to us from Christ Jesus we are made beautiful and pure. And just like us; I feel the same goes for nature and everything in existence. The fact that God even gave us the ability to be awed by beauty and the sense of what beauty is seems pretty beautiful to me. 🙂


  5. I think this a great example of God making something beautiful out of something ugly, bad or horrible. Yes, those chemtrails (if that’s what they were) might be polluting, but God took that and said, hey, but look beyond that and see what I can do to make everything in this world beautiful!


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