Wake Up, it’s Family Time

Some folks ask for our children’s perspective on bus life. This is a post by our 17 year old on the subject.


The last six week I have been blessed to be able to stay in the house of our host family,while my family sleeps in the bus parked in the driveway. During the six weeks we’ve been here, I have been in my room most of the time. I ‘m enjoying being away from everyone after two years. Ha. Being in my room all day means that I don’t see my family unless we are going somewhere. Up until last night I was pretty content. I liked being alone. I liked the space to dance and play what kind of music that I want, whenever I want. I enjoyed the escape.

Last night I was browsing through Instagram when I saw a picture of my family playing domino’s. I immediately ran to the bus to find my parents and my brother laughing and having a good time. Meanwhile I was…

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