Happy Anniversary

WordPress just sent us a little “Happy Anniversary” note, stating that we started out blog  3 years ago. It’s hard to believe, that three years have passed since we first started dreaming about this life.  And, since then we have traveled over 30,000 miles through out the US and visited Australia twice, including our current visit.

map3I’m sitting at a cafe in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. It’s a warm summer day and just a few blocks down the street is one of my favorite beaches of all time. My children are working on blogs for home school and Craig is reading the local newspaper. We’ll head to the beach later this afternoon.

In the meantime, thanks to the note from wordpress, I’m looking back over all the memories we have made, so many amazing people we have met and awesome things we have been able to try. We dreamt of a simpler life, a more creative and cohesive life, and one with deep meaning from a spiritual and philosophical perspective, practicing reconciliation as a daily discipline. We dreamt of a life that included visiting and encouraging community on a broad scale and we have found such a rich tender of kinfolk around the globe.

We have found a genuine faith on this journey. This faith is not our own, but a gift. One that we cherish and hold dearly. A gift that continues to inspire us forward. And one that keeps us humble, knowing that there is no way in the world we could have humanly made this all happen. It’s a beautiful thing, this life. Hard to the core, but we are free!



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