Better To Be Safe Than Sorry, Maybe Not.

IMG_9398Since our visit to Kentucky last spring I have wanted to write about the Jessup family. We had heard about them over the course of our travels from several different people in very different parts of the country. Everyone telling us that we should meet them because we would be encouraged by each other’s story. And so, when we were finally going to be in their area, we reached out and asked if they would like a visit. They welcomed us with open arms.

This beautiful family has a deep commitment to their family and to the land. They are homesteaders and live “off the grid.” They are spiritual and critical thinkers, who challenge the status quo. We shared a lovely meal, fed chickens, shot bow and arrow, had a swing on their huge tree swing and shared fantastic conversation. Our time with them was short but they will forever be endeared to us.

Over the past year we have kept up with them on social media and then in October of 2013 Amy announced that she had Thryoid cancer and began to blog about her decision to use natural and controversial methods for healing. I took note as it was about the same time that I was working through my own issues with cancer and contemplating the choice to use natural treatments.

nutritionShe shared that her initial plan included being monitored by a M.D. and N.D. with frequent blood work and reading of scans. She would make major diet changes, becoming 100% sugar free (with the allowance of 2 apples a week and 1 banana every other day).  Amy’s nutritional therapy also included 85% raw juices and 1 salad with boiled egg and 3 oz of chicken each day. She drinks a brown rice stevia and spirulina drink in the morning. And sprouted raw almonds through the day. More on her diet at

She shared that feeling overwhelmed and fear was the greatest struggle through the process.  Saying that sometimes it felt like it would be easier to just schedule the surgery.   And, then yesterday she shared a heartfelt response to many well meaning friends who have suggested that she should just have her thyroid removed (despite all the definite repercussions, better “safe” than sorry seems to be the predominate reasoning). Well, thankfully Amy stuck to her convictions, intuition and wisdom. Not only is she doing fantastic, but in January her report was that there was no new growth (since july). The growth is not totally gone, but it has not spread and her function is stable. She will continue her nutritional treatments, prayer and wait with great anticipation for that final good news.

WE ALL CAN HELP ENCOURAGE AMY AND HER BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. If any of you use vitacost online (deeply discounted natural/organic store) to order supplements, healthy grocery items, essential oils, protein shakes, bath and body items please use the Jessup’s link to receive $10 off of your first time order (be it brand new customer or signing up with a new email) and Amy will receive $10 after your purchase to put towards her treatment costs.

Please join us in prayer and practical support, helping to keep Amy on her way to much health and well being!



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