Top of the Mountain

Tent Rocks
Top of Tent Rocks National Monument

There is nothing like making it to the top of a crest! And, even better making it with a band of kinfolk. Personal accomplishments are rewarding and necessary. However, the shared accomplishment of a group effort makes for an even deeper human experience and the byproduct of that offers personal satisfaction that is incomparable.

Into the wild we strolled with our good friends in Albuquerque, The Burtons, our ECM family, specially Shirley, The Mulders, Holly and her family, The Potters and the rest of the Foothills crew. We hiked mountain tops, visited National Monuments, and saw cave dwellings. We shared wonderful meals, drinks and conversations, we played music, shared sacred space and we built stuff. We shared our joys and our woes, confessing our struggles, and marveling over the faithfulness of our God in bringing us all together again.

It is a joy to share in community with kinfolk, to carry one another’s burdens, lift each other up and encourage each other in our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Until next time ABQ!



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Jana Holland

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