God Kisses

bwhite-lips1Some people call it lucky, some call it blessings, I call it God kisses. You know, that moment when you are totally blown away by a smell, sound, something you see or a tangible gift. They can seem random but always come right when I need them. Sometime in droves and sometimes they fall down from the sky as one long embrace.

God kisses, I need God kisses. Mind you, I’m not talking about a “good works,” or “what comes around, goes around” ideology because honestly, there is no reason I deserve these special moments. I believe they just come simply because we’re loved, no matter what. They are pure grace.

This is entry about a day filled with God kisses. This entry is about thanksgiving even in times of trials.

20140715-091818.jpgWe’re in Shawano, WI at the moment, volunteering at Camp Tekakwitha. (I plan to write more about that soon) It’s been a long week physically, my cancer treatment was successful but exhausting. On top of that, we had the added bonus of a few other ailments visit the Holland bus. Craig got himself wrangled up in a bed of Poison Oak and ended up consumed head to toe. We tried to find healing with natural means but couldn’t keep up with the pain and itching. So, he went to  urgent care and is slowly recovering with the help of steroids. At the same time, our son lacerated his left leg while playing a camp game and ended up in the ER with a whooping 17 stitches. So by the weekend, I really needed some TLC.

It was Saturday. I decided to run into town to replenish my ingredients for my nutritional therapy. I had an other treasures I was hoping to find as well, but only a few dollars to spare, along with a TJmaxx $50 gift card from my friend Kim. My first stop was St. Vincent’s thrift store, where I found fabric for our couch, which was totally shredded after 3 years of use. The fabric cost $7.50! Score!! My day was off to a great start. I recognized the little kiss and was so grateful.

Next, I met a friend for lunch. I really wanted to see her but was concerned about my budget. When I arrived I discovered it was “Restaurant Week” and my whole meal, including an appetizer, main and dessert was only $10! So, I was able to experience a rejuvenating lunch with a dear friend and another God kiss!

Plantlife EO'sNext I went to TJmaxx to find sheets for our Queen size bed. We’ve had the same sheets for about 10 years. You know how it goes, there is always something else that is needed, so you just keep making due. But this time, with the gift card in hand, I was ready to take the plunge and by new bedding. So, I went in but before I could get to the back of the store to look at the sheets, I got side tracked. Near the front of the store there was a stand with all sorts of soaps and Essential Oils by Plantlife. Why is that significant you ask? Well, folks began to respond to my blogs about my cancer journey, many of them suggested that I look at adding EO’s to my treatment. I agreed and already had a few basics on hand, however the cost of buying the really good ones was discouraging. So, back to TJmaxx. I approached the display and found a gift set of 8 EO’s by a company that’s mission is to consistently create all-natural body care products using the freshest organic herbs and 100% pure essential oils.  The package which would normally total over a $100 was on sale for $40! The extra few dollars on the gift card I used to buy Craig some of Plantlife’s soap to help with his rash.

The kisses were falling like manna from the sky. My last stop before going to get my nutritional therapy supplies was Goodwill. As I walk through the doors, I just knew I would find bedding. Sure enough! I found a brand new Ikea slat grey bottom sheet for $6.

I ended my day at Woodman’s grocery store where I had just enough left over to purchase all of my ingredients for my favorite green morning smoothie, filled with cancer fighting properties and healing nutrients.

These kisses are beautiful gifts, they come in all shapes and forms. This time they came in the form of treasures but they are all meant to lead us to the same giver. Take note, celebrate with thanksgiving and give a kiss back.

Hey, are you keen to try my Green Smoothie out?

Here’s the recipe:

Green Morning Alkalizing Smoothy

1 cup Frozen Pineapple chunks
1/2 Frozen Banana or 1/2 fresh Avocado  (this creates the smoothy texture)
1-2 TBS fresh chopped Ginger
1/2 cup fresh Spinach leaves
1 TBS fresh Basil
1 TBS fresh Cilantro
1 TBS fresh Parsley
Cayenne pepper to taste (I use about 1/4 tsp.)
1-2 cups Coconut Water
Blend well and drink up!




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