Our Graduate

Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing Ms. Graciana Holland. Class of 2014 Graduate.

Graciana Holland

Graciana is graduating from T.T.R.S Academy. (Tillers & Travelers Road School) at the top of her class. She has shown excellence in her ability to think critically, communicate effectively and take risks.

For the next 12 months, Graciana is committed to traveling, performing and serving alongside of The Hollands! During this transitional year, Graciana will be looking at all sorts of opportunities. Her main interests that she will continue to nurture are music, fashion blogging/writing, food science, art, and psychology. We are excited to have one more year with Graciana and looking forward to all that is in store for our little song bird.

As her parents we have seen her excel in her musical abilities and her faith. Our desire is to send her off with tools and connections so that her gifts will blossom. Her main instrument is the piano, however life on the road has not afforded her that luxury for the past three years. Although she has become proficient on Guitar and Ukulele, it’s not uncommon for us to be staying with a host family who might have a piano and hear her connecting with her first love via the piano.

NOR NE4DSW61Our hope is to gift her with a Nord Electro Keyboard, with the intention of using it to create with us, as well as, record her own album. We also would like to see her using and stretching her abilities to eventually apply for entry in a music conservatory for music composition.

If you would like to send Graciana a card or gift of support you can snail mail to:

 ℅ Graciana Holland
2507 Westlake Dr
Austin Tx, 78746


Or you can send your gift on-line via paypal

Graduation Donation


Graciana Holland


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