Bus Conversion: Rub a Dub Dub

Bus ConversionHooray! After 3 years on the road we finally have our shower.

When we left Green Bay, WI in our bus Oct 14, 2011 we had the blue print for how our bus would eventually look and we had the walls, dinette, bed and couch built all thanks our friends, Marc Brummel, Allen Gokey, David Baumgartner and our neighbor Jim. It was a few months later, in Sister, OR that we would establish our electrical system thanks to Ben Miller and Craig would learn how to make our kitchen cabinets thanks to Mike Dyer.

For the next year we would roll around with out plumbing and then in Iowa at the Anderson’s, over the course of ten days, our bus would have cold running water, a flushing toilet and the added bonus of a new paint job.

Beginning of this year our building was put on hold to go to Australia for a few months, however when we returned the shower and hot water were next on the agenda. It has taken six months of savings, labor and love.

As for the cost of putting in this fantastic luxury…

Rocks collected from all over the world= Free. Tiles= $340, Seaward 11 gallon water heater= $300, add in plumbing parts, grout, sealer, shower fixtures and extra’s total= $1000.

… After three years without a shower or hot running water, we understand it really is a luxury, not a necessity… None the less, we are so grateful for all who have donated towards this effort. Bless y’all, and if you ever stay on our bus, you are welcome to have a shower, on the house!




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