Wallaby Creek Festival

IMG_1023We joined about 3000 kinfolk one sunny weekend in the rainforest of Far North Queensland. We flew into Cairns, took a bus five hours north and we sang, danced, hiked, swam, ate, created, laughed, cried, and we slept (a little).

At the heart of this festival lies a handful of local love, who 14 years ago launched a family friendly music festival for their community. Wallaby Creek Festival is held just 20 miles south of Cooktown and draws about 3000 friends from all over the world. We were honored to be one of about 30 bands to play the festival. Many of our friends played the festival as well, including Cisco Caesar, Ladi Abundance, Ungus Ungus Ungus, Richard Perso, Danny Ross, Siskin River, and local love by the Barefoot Bells, In the Element, Clarktown, The Taste and Sun Salute. The music variety was broad but all of the artists were fantastic and we each brought a lovely offering to the table.

There was so much more too, there were workshops on clowning, acrobatics, fire spinning, hooping, and arts/crafts. The food was amazing and our favorite tent was the Gypsy Feast served up by fellow nomad, Nora. There was something for everyone really. On top of it all, the setting was pristine, surrounded by mountains and a breathtaking hike up to a grand waterfall.

Instant family, that’s what happens at Wallaby Creek. With no access to the wifi world, the atmosphere at Wallaby Creek allows for one to just escape the everyday rat race and dive deep into relationship, art and culture. That suited us just right as we love to be available for those special moments that happen when folks have time to breath and engage.

These are some of the fantastic memories we will take with us, as we continue to tour down the east coast of Australia.



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