Nomad Together

Ever wonder “why” we travel full time?

Listen in to this interview with NomadTogether and hear our very candid story. We share the in’s and out’s of community life, music, and marriage/family on the road.

*Topic for this podcast interview: Swimming Upstream-Redefining Your Reality 

We live in a culture that is individualistic and prides its self on being independent and self-sustainable. Comfort, independence and, security are at the top of the list for most people. But, what if these norms that our culture values are masking our longing for a deeper sense of community and adventure?

When we first set out on our journey, we participated in a number of family roundtable discussions about why we do what we do as a culture, not so that we could be different or better than others but so that we decide whether each ideal worked for or against our families longing for a deeper sense of purpose. Some things we kept but others we totally redefined. 

We asked questions like, Why do we care so much about status and wealth? What role should education, healthcare, and the pursuit of happiness have in our lives? What is freedom? What is interdependence and why is so vital to our existence? Who are we and what are do we do best as a team?

We have found some answers and are still discovering more. We find that most people we meet along the way are encouraged by our questions and start asking these questions for themselves. Not all of them end up giving everything away and living a nomadic lifestyle, as that is not even really the point. Rather, many of them are inspired to start to dream and move into the mystery of what swimming upstream might look like for themselves.


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Jana Holland

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