Bus Rider Number Two

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you met someone you really admired and dreamed of collaborating with them in some way, whether musically, artistically, etc…?

IMG_5412Well, when I met flutist/vocalist ColleenĀ in 1999, I thought, I want to be friends and I hope someday we can play music together. Over the years we did become friends, dear friends and in 2011 Colleen contributed flute and tin whistle to our album, “Ashes to Beauty.” It was pure joy to have her participate in the creative process of that album and over the years she would join us for live performances whenever we’d come through Chicago.

Fast track to our request for muso’s to join us on the bus and Colleen sends me an inbox letting me know she’s really considering it. You can imagine how excited I was, our whole family was! It would be a big commitment for her, with a husband, son, job and community in Chicago, and yet, where there is a will there is a way. So we began conversations about what it would look like, how long and what her role would be. And on August 14 she got on the bus. She rode with us through Kansas and into Colorado, offering antidotes and comic relief, beautiful photographs and performed 9 shows with us. Her final performance with us was on August 25th, at one of our all time favorite venues, Avogadros’ Number in Fort Collins, CO.

The Hollands! at Avogadro's Number

We will miss you friend! Come ride again anytime!