Oyster Creek Canvas

20130923-101242.jpgWe met Greg and his two children at our performance in Bellingham, WA. They arrived while we were setting up and we had a good hour of conversation. We learned that Greg owned a sewing shop across the street. Intrigued, we asked if we could come by and have a homeschool visit in the morning. He said yes.

The next morning, we made our way to the Oyster Creek Canvas Company. A full service canvas and industrial sewing shop specializing in marine canvas. As we made our way around the shop, Greg shared about his past experience as a deep-sea diver and purchasing his first sewing machine to work on personal projects. That turned into larger projects, an industrial machine, and a building with a large scale production shop. Add his welcoming smile and genuinely warm personality and you have a recipe for success.

As we make our way around this globe, it is encouraging to hear stories like Greg’s. He’s our global/local neighbor and if you ever get to Bellingham, stop in and say “Hi” from us Hollands! And, if you have canvas needs, Oyster Creek Canvas is the best in the bay!


Starfish and Green Frogs

20130922-133053.jpgHanging in the Northwest Corner of the lower 48. We camped at Larrabee State Park just 20 minutes south of Bellingham, WA. We had a show up here at The Green Frog but most of our time we explored the amazing coastline.

Nestled deep in the pine forest, Larrabee State Park sits on Wildcat cove. Sept 15-May is the off-season, so our full hook up site was only $29.00 a night.  Wildcat cove was pristine, with dramatic cliffs, still waters, beautiful sunsets and starfish!


The city of Bellingham is a fishing hub and a college town with awesome coffee, thrifting, friendly folks and a great live music scene. We performed at The Green Frog, a local 21+ establishment. However, we did an earlier show and caught the all ages crowd.

The door man, Michael, welcomed with a warm smile and a few fans began to make their way in. We met Brent, who grew up on the set of Hee Haw. A father and his two children, and Amy, a fellow bus conversionist.

20130922-133151.jpgOur set was classic Hollands! with harmonies dazzling but it was Banjo Holland who stole the show. We don’t often get to play in a room that can handle his funky and confident beats, but the sound system at The Green Frog was perfect and Duke our sound guy was fantastic! Our show was followed by The Pine Hearts, a five piece rollicking Americana band out of Olympia, WA. They were gracious and wonderful musicians. We later realized that we actually had met Joe, one of the leads, at Folk Alliance in Memphis a few years back when he was touring with The Blackberry Bushes.

It’s a small world and it’s great to know that there are kinfolk all over this great big world. And, this is a part of the world we would like to get back to! Thanks for all the love Washington!