Canada, Oh Canada


We were only an hour from the border, so why not. We made our way up to Vancouver, BC on cloudy afternoon. The city was vaguely familiar with the electric bus line, the tall shrubs that fronted most houses and the fashion sense.

As we made our way through the city streets, Stanley Park, the Vancouver Yacht Club and Kits Beach we found that the city was the spitting image of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We were in awe and conversations of migrating to Vancouver abounded. ¬†We lunched at The Local Pub Eatery on Kits Beach which could have easily been mistaken for Brighton and enjoyed shopping on Granville Road, which mine as well have been Burke Road. The down side was that our Aussie family wasn’t there but we now know that if we’re needing a quick fix between visits home, that Vancouver is the place to go! By the way, the Fish Taco’s at The Local were out of this world.