At The Table

A dining room (or Kitchen) table is paramount to our sense of community. It is where we share our meals, stories from the day, dreams about our future and work through struggles.

Craig has been exploring the art of furniture making and wood working. So, when a  request to build a dining table for a family in Phoenix was offered, he was excited to give it go. He built his design out of solid wood (Ash) and was able to try new techniques, including using a tool called a biscuit cutter. He was also able to share his knowledge with our fellow bus riders, Jeffrey and Greg, who both helped with the building process.

The table is 6 1/2 ft x 38in and the bench is six-foot. The finish was Kona from Lowes.


Hammer and Tack

The Judy Patio Set

Besides shredding on the guitar, my man can build and I have to say it really turns me on! I knew he was handy and had a logistical mind but watching him these past two years on the road, building our bus has been fantastic.  And then, to see him take it to the next level and build as a means to care for others as well as for the art of it, well it’s just straight up sexy.

We were recently in Arizona and he built this lovely patio table and chairs for my mom and dad. We enjoyed dining on this set over the Thanksgiving holiday. His gift of craftsmanship is quality and the design work is beautiful.