Healthcare on the Road

IMG_1060It’s been an interesting process to navigate the waters of healthcare while traveling. Thank the Lord, most of our aliments have been minor and we have found homeopathic resources to take care of our needs. However, when our frames don’t cooperate, we have to seek the guidance of professionals and generally pay cash out-of-pocket.

There are free clinics in most cities but we have found that unless you are a resident of those communities the access to those clinics is not available. Then there are the walk in clinics at Walmart and Target that work well for minor issues that need a little extra support. But, our lifeline really comes from a handful of generous and compassionate care givers across the country, from Nurses, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapist, and Chiropractic Doctors who have graciously given of their time and talents to help keep us healthy and on our way.

IMG_1059We are especially grateful for kinfolk like Dr. Randal Arnold and his son, Dr. Levi Arnold at Peninsula Chiropractic for joining us in our missional call and gifting us with excellent care while we were in Wisconsin. It is because of God’s faithfulness through folks like the Arnold family that we keep rolling on, health in our bodies and our faith grows a little stronger.


Door County Days

DoorCounty.jpgDoor County Wisconsin means lazy beach days in Egg Harbor, visits to the local library, the FARM, Door County Candy and Ice Cream Shop, Java on Jefferson, The Whitegull Inn and the Used Book Store. Besides all of the fun little small town things to do, Door County really is one of the most beautiful places on this planet, with cliff side beaches, winding roads and fantastic hikes up and down the peninsula.

BrummelCottage.jpgEvery summer we make our pilgrimage back to this area to enjoy the beach, friends and to perform. This year is no exception. We arrived Thursday evening for a weekend of welcome from family and friends. Our first stop was the Brummel Cottage, where we enjoyed the respite of the water at this uniquely designed home. We also had time to take in a concert at Woodwalk Gallery, where we saw our friends Buddy Mondlock, Katie Dahl and Jeanne Kuhns perform. Followed by a lovely evening of conversation over drinks.

We are looking forward to performing in the county over the next two weeks. For all our local Kinfolk you can The Hollands! at:

July 3 – 3-5PM Sister Bay Concert in the Park

July 8- 6-8PM Ephraim Concert in the Park

July 12- 5-7PM Bailey’s Harbor Concert in the Park

July 14 – The Gordon Lodge

Summer isn’t really summer until we’ve seen our Door County Days.


Green Machine

We’ve been in Door County, WI for the past four weeks, lending a helping hand at our host home, the Price House (aka, my brother and sister-in-law). Nate and Heather are hard working folks with four beautiful children and one on the way. They live modestly in an old home that they have been remodeling over many years. Managing a house full of children and running a two small business, Allied Forward Motion and Captain Commodes, can be exhausting and the dreams for finishing projects can get lost in time. So, when we arrived, with time on our hands, Craig really couldn’t help himself, his green thumb had a blank canvas and he went to town. Lifting boulders, digging holes, tearing down an old shed, removing tree trunks, pouring concrete and planting a flower garden. Yep, he was a raging green machine.

See the transformation below.

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Australia; Beach Days

The Mornington Peninsula is southeast of Melbourne, VIC. AU and is surrounded by the Phillip Bay and the Bass Strait. It reminds us of our old stomping grounds in Door County, WI. USA. There are quant historical towns, beautiful shops, restaurants and lovely vineyards. One of our favorite vineyards, Hickinbotham winery sits on the Mornington Peninsula in Dromona. They have one of the best Pinot’s we’ve every tried. The shopping is fun, with cute little mom and pop stores, offering local art and crafts. And, this visit we noticed a number of Op Shops had opened along the peninsula. Op Shops are thrift stores. This was good news for us as we love thrifting and are self-proclaimed “Treasure hunters.”

The real reason to go to the peninsula however is not the shopping, wine or old towns, for us it’s the beaches. Having the opportunity to stay in the peninsula has become a beautiful respite for us. The beaches are wonderful. They aren’t over crowded, offer much scenery with coves and trees in the back line. It is here that we find solace. Our favorite spots are the local beach in Mornington at Mills Beach and we always hit at least one surf day at Gunnamatta. There is something healing and refreshing about the sand and the surf.  Special thanks to Auntie Val and Uncle Michael for their hospitality and generosity. We can’t wait to come back for a visit!