From Here To There, Northwest

We’re absolutely amazed by the weaving together of the saints. We continue to find refuge as we make our way down the west coast. Our first stop was Seattle, WA, where we stayed with the brave Susie and Brian. I say brave, because they had the guts to allow us to park right out in the middle of their cul du sac and it was a perfect fit. Susie is the mother of our dear friend, Katie and she had that hip grandmotherly hospitality that made us feel welcomed and loved.

Once in the Seattle area, we connected with Clint McCune, a fantastic musician and the owner of Soulfood Books for a performance. Clint performs the first friday of every month and invites a guest artist to join him. We  were totally humbled by Clint, the staffs and listeners openness and encouragement. It was a delight to be in community with them all. We also found a listening ear regarding the opportunity to link up with Kabum Coffee International and Hope Africa Child Development Program.

On a side note, we were able to reconnect with the Sergotts, from Green Bay. They are in the process of moving to Seattle and Banjo was able to enjoy some time with his friend Eli. Serendipity! It was one more reminder that we are not in this alone.

The next day we had some family time at the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls.

Later in the day we visited the Northwest Railway Museum. There was something  sensational about those old cars. The history rich and the memories are laced into the decrepit metal frames.


A quick stop at the local thrift store and we were on to our show at the Black Dog. This local venue is home to all of the creative types in Snoqualmie. It’s warm and straight up good vibes.

2/5/12 Sunday morning we hit a little hick up when the pin in our trailer went out. Quick stop to the auto parts store and we were on our way to La Center, WA to stay with a couple referred by another couple referred by another couple who own the Green Plow. It’s the small world and we are so thankful for open minded folks like the Marianu’s.

Monday night we played a little community show in Portland with our dear friends Destroy Nate Allen and Tues. night our gracious hosts had a few folks over for “dinner and a song.”

Today is a day of rest, school and general catching up. On Friday we head to Zigzag to play at one of our favorite Global~Local joints, The Skyway Bar and Grill and then on Sat. we will be in Lake Oswego, OR for a full family performance at the River Ridge House Concert Series. If you live in these parts come have a sing with us before we head south.


The Hollands!