Maiden Voyage

2 Weeks. A picture blog of the journey leading up to our maiden voyage. On Oct 13, we started up the engine and are Oregon bound. Much to still do but we have been sent off with love and support beyond our wildest dreams!

Paul, our neighbor, engineered our tow hitch/bar
Filling in all the rivets
Our neighbor, Jim, came by every day for two weeks straight to help get the furniture finished. Without Jim’s commitment to this project we would not have made it.
5 days before departure
Grace getting her feet wet
Last supper at the Holland House.
Getting the cushions ready
One down a few more to go.
Papa showing off his muscles.
Late night. 2 days and counting.
Staple queen and her court
cleaning team, one day and counting
Load up! One day before departure.
Final push!
Beautiful design by David Baumgartner. Crafted by Jim, Craig and Banjo
Welcome Home!
Farewell show hosted by Kavarna.
saying goodbye
Friendship true blue
Little fella’s!
Words can not express the blessing these girls have been through out this process! We love them!!
Saying goodbye to family
One last check
Packed and ready to roll! 10/13/11
One more final check
Jim is an example of true neighborly love. He inspired and kept us going.
Here we go!
Priceless moment
Back in the Saddle again
For the Lord our God is living among us. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in us with gladness. With his love, he will calm all our fears. He will rejoice over us with joyful songs. Zep. 3:17

Out of the Box in Green Bay

In a town dominated by chain food, out of the box ideas really have to stand out and one of our favorite stops in Green Bay, WI is Kavarna Coffeehouse adjoined by Parisi’s Delicatessen.

There are so many things I love about these two restaurants, starting first with the owners, Alex and Linda Galt. They are two of the most exquisite folks you’ll ever meet. They are focused and care very much about their trade and what they have to offer the general public. You sense this attitude of food knowledge and warmth when you enter their two adjoining restaurants, Kavarna and Parisi’s Deli.

We have a long history of frequenting this venue and have watched it go through many changes. All for the better! Although, if they hadn’t changed they still would have been exactly what we craved. Besides the immediate feeling of welcome by the staff and owners, the decor is creative and clever recycling. Eye candy everywhere. From the sand blasted brick walls and exposed ceiling, especially delightful for Craig as he is a builder and love to see the under work, to the windows on the front of the building. And if earth tones aren’t your thing you cross over to the Parisi’s side and experience the calming creams and and light pastels. The clean lines and softness of these colors makes me feel like I’m sitting beachside in the French Riviera in the 1930’s, so I tend to sit on this side even when I order from the Kavarna side.

Kavarna: The food is delightful! It was the Black Bean Burger that one me over on my first visit some 10 years ago. I think Andy Gordon made my first one and to this day if he’s in the kitchen I’m confident that all will be well with my dining experience. Since then I’ve enjoyed the Cheesy Artichoke, the Black Bean Quesodilla. And, the Sweet Potato Fries are out of this world.

Parisi’s: I’ve lived in Wisconsin for nearly half of my life so cheese has become a mainstay in my diet. I tend to shy away from the highly processed cheese curds and orange cheddar’s but a sharp white or a soft goat cheese or brie and I’m in cheese heaven. So, When Alex and Linda decided to bring in Parisi’s Delicatessen I couldn’t have been more excited. It is a full service delicatessen specializing in artisanal meats and cheeses, particularly from Wisconsin. My favorite so far is the “New Deal” incorporating the most beautiful spreadable cheese from Belgioioso, Prosciutto di Parma and argula on a baguette. Pure yumminess!

Whether you choose the Kavarna side or Parisi’s side or a little of both, they will run you about the same price. For a sandwich (side of chips or grapes) and Rosewater Lemonade, my beverage of choice, the bill usually ends up about $12-15. So, this tends to be a place that I meet friends out at or a lunch date with Craig. On the rare occasion that the whole family goes we usually share a couple of sandwiches and soup for a final bill of $40 or we can spend half of that if we stop in for dessert and coffee, both of which are top notch.

Another side note, sometimes Alex hosts music and over the past 5 years we have played a handful of times. He also hosts “talks” and they are actively involved in the Broadway Farmers Market. I love their sense of community and openness to bring real food to Green Bay. There would be a huge void without them. That is the truth.


Global~Local Neighborhood

I’m a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. I love finding “good” food, “great” deals and little off the beat and path venues that offer hospitality and enhance my experience of life and taste buds.

After some encouragement from a friend and the proprietor of one of our favorite Green Bay establishments, I’ve decided to chronicle some of the most fantastic experiences I’ve had in the physical realm. My hope is that by sharing these little gems with you all, it will encourage a spirit of carefree adventure and commitment to supporting locally owned businesses.

A few criteria for upcoming Foodie Booty posts…

~I’m typically picky about whole foods. I have developed a keen appreciation for all things “not” Sysco or mass-produced. I long for whole foods more than a designer hand bag from Yves Saint Laurent. Whole food brings pure joy to my body and peace of mind to my soul as I grow to understand the value and connection food has with my body and with community.

~Speaking of community. I am always looking for kinfolk. So, when I eat out, I look for places where the staff is engaged and the owners set a tone of kindness and warmth. A jerk of a boss equals unhappy servers equals a stressed out food experience.

~I laugh about this one but I have learned that I am also an aesthetically sensitive person. I try to be gentle when I walk into a room and the mood and layout is all wrong but if an opportunity arises to move things around you can bet I’ll take it. 🙂 Smell is another kicker, I can not deal with the smell of smoke or strong chemical cleaning products. One whiff and I am out of there.

~Lastly, price. I am willing to pay a bit more for whole foods. However, I am also a thrifty musician and mother of two so I have to pay close attention to the costs of things. I generally check to see if there is a menu online first, then look in the kitty to see if we have enough spare change. Sometimes if it is a place I really want to try but I don’t have the cash, I’ll try to book the venue for a lunch or dinner show. 🙂

Ok so, stay tuned because my first stop will be 143 N. Broadway St. Green Bay, WI . Kavarna and Parisi’s Deli.