celu’haven update

The process of refinement is truly that, a process. One of the hardest mindsets to push against is the cultural notion that things should happen instantly. “I want and I want it now, and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.” In rejecting this notion we are finding peace and great joy. Waves of mercy wash over us as the blessing of community and support come along side in ways we could never produce on our own accord.

We are thankful for folks like Mike Dyer Construction for giving up two days and much need supplies to frame our kitchen. 20120123-114715.jpg

Also, Ben Miller’s willingness to share his expertise and help design the electrical system. And, the simple coupon for 10% off at Lowes that my mom gave us and the financial gifts of those who in their generosity have allowed us to continue to serve others.

Just like us, “celu’haven” (our bus/home) is a work in progress and for that we are thankful.









We have two weeks left in Central Oregon. Once we leave this nest we’ll be on the road. Our loose schedule as follows:
2-4: Seattle area
5-12: Portland area
13-19: Redding, Vacaville CA
20-21: LA
22-26: Phoenix area
27-29: Albuquerque area
29-March 1: Colorado Springs
2-4: Denver area

If you live in any of these areas and would like to host The Hollands! we would be delighted to visit with you.