Learning to Swim Upstream

What a whirlwind of a year! 2011 was a year of new birth. Not just in the movement of becoming mobile but in all aspects of our lives; our marriage, our family, our finances, our music, our purpose. We went into this thinking that we had to have our ducks in a row but have found that the more we try to control the process the more we get in the way.

We don’t doubt that 2012 will continue to be a journey of learning to swim upstream and we embrace it fully. Our desire to encourage folks to engage in genuine, creative and committed community is stronger than ever.  We have been blessed dearly by the ministry of reconciliation and our longing is to continue to bring that blessing where ever we go.

Our hope is to continue to be productive members of the International Folk Alliance, sharing our music in venues and homes across the US and beyond. We’ve begun writing a new album with songs that reflect our journey and the stories of folks we continue to meet along the way. Stories of those downtrodden and tired, those in the margin, those who feel betrayed and those who have found new life. And, we’ve also begun to seek out partnerships with groups along the way who need an extra set of hands; to be available to serve and share.

Everyday Craig gets a little bit more finished on Celu’haven. Our hope is to have a place to lay our heads by Feb. 1, 2011. Until then we have been cared for and loved by The Golden’s. (family friends) They have blessed us beyond measure with their quiet faith and kind hearts. They are living proof of the good news and we are so thankful for their example.