Bus Conversion- Painting

Inspired by the historical street cars in San Francisco, specifically the 1946 “Philadelphia,” and this little potting planter, we have chosen to paint our bus what some folks call sea-foam green. We had the paint organized and Craig had been slowly stripping ┬áthe sides of the bus. It was one of those projects that was sure to take a long time, chipping away at it here and there. However, upon arrival at our host home in Mt. Vernon Iowa, we found an eager and expert set of helping hands in the Anderson fellows. They are the one’s who actually brought the subject up in conversation. Asking, if we had any desire to paint the bus. We answered, “well, sure, someday.” That someday was this weekend. With tools in tow and paint, they sanded and cleaned up the remainder of the bus. Taped it off and away they went.

We couldn’t have organized or asked for a better scenario. Besides, a helping and encouraging hand at painting the bus, we enjoyed the delights of solace amongst the fall colors, sharing meals and inspiring conversation, and plenty of activity for the kids on the ┬áthe Anderson’s farm.

We didn’t see it coming and the blessing will continue to go with us as a reminder as we continue down the road. Serendipity!

Below showcases the process.

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Some day, day down the line, we’ll add a red pin strip and art work on the back.


Bus Conversion – Plumbing

Today is a monumental day on the bus. It’s been a year in the making and we now have the first stages of functional plumbing.

Water tanks are in and thanks to Shannon Souther and his welding skills, they are secure.

Pump and manifold are in and piping to the kitchen sink and toilet offer a cold water flow.

So proud of Craig and his willingness to figure this puzzle out. So thankful for all of the financial gifts and plumbing words of wisdom from folks, specially the Follen and Morford families. We seriously, will think of you every time the water flows.

Have a gander at the process unfold.

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We now move towards installing the hot water heater, water filter system and eventually the shower. Whoo hoo!