Little Sheep Farm

Craig and I, find ourselves half-joking and half dreaming about the idea of someday owning a little plot of land, overlooking the ocean, with gardens and sheep.  We have even woven the idea into one of our songs, “Tears in my heart,” where we mention a little sheep farm.

This week we were invited to speak at the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Sedan, KS and meet a couple who are living the little sheep farm dream. They are Lynn and Rita, both widowed and now married about 5 years. They live on the Stagecoach Ranch in a rural part of Kansas on the edge of the Flint Hills. It’s a beautiful part of the state with rolling hills, trees, creek beds, and tall grasses. They are self-proclaimed hobby farmers. They own a handful of the most beautiful Arabian horses you’ve ever seen. They also own a flock of the cutest little Shetland sheep, a wool-producing breed of sheep originating in the Shetland Isles. Rita, introduced us to a ram The leader of the flock is a funny ol’ Lama, who is their protector from the outlining wolves and coyotes. Lynn and Rita also collect old stage coaches, buggies and other antique miscellaneous articles from early settlement to cowboy days. Lynn was proud of his collection and gave us the grand tour.

I had a blast photographing our day. Enjoy the photos below and dream along.

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