From Here // To There

This blog chronicles the Holland’s journey “From Here to There.”

Dreams and desires sit at the forefront of our minds but the reality of logistics and daily life sometimes offers more than one can handle. Yet, we continue on, with joy and excitement about all that is and is to come.

Our Dreams and Desires:

Over the past years we have been dreaming and casting out lots towards a simpler way. Our desire is to use our gifts and talents to connect and encourage community.

Our plan is to transition over the next 6 months by downsize from our 2600 sq. foot home to a home on wheels.  This will allow us to cut costs on our current overhead and also give us flexibility in connecting with communities all over North and South America.

We’re starting to research how to sell our home and possessions, purchase an RV and veggie oil conversions, home schooling, insurance, and connecting with others doing a similar work.

Although our desire is to move along as “tent makers”, we know we will need some supplemental support. We are looking for folks that would like to offer encouragement through prayer, product and/or financial support.

If you would like to offer support or know of any kinsfolk out there that are interested in participating in this vision, we’d love to hear from you.

We would be delighted if you leave us a comment, suggestion or question.

~peace~c&j for more information