Global~Local Neighborhood

I’m a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. I love finding “good” food, “great” deals and little off the beat and path venues that offer hospitality and enhance my experience of life and taste buds.

After some encouragement from a friend and the proprietor of one of our favorite Green Bay establishments, I’ve decided to chronicle some of the most fantastic experiences I’ve had in the physical realm. My hope is that by sharing these little gems with you all, it will encourage a spirit of carefree adventure and commitment to supporting locally owned businesses.

A few criteria for upcoming Foodie Booty posts…

~I’m typically picky about whole foods. I have developed a keen appreciation for all things “not” Sysco or mass-produced. I long for whole foods more than a designer hand bag from Yves Saint Laurent. Whole food brings pure joy to my body and peace of mind to my soul as I grow to understand the value and connection food has with my body and with community.

~Speaking of community. I am always looking for kinfolk. So, when I eat out, I look for places where the staff is engaged and the owners set a tone of kindness and warmth. A jerk of a boss equals unhappy servers equals a stressed out food experience.

~I laugh about this one but I have learned that I am also an aesthetically sensitive person. I try to be gentle when I walk into a room and the mood and layout is all wrong but if an opportunity arises to move things around you can bet I’ll take it. 🙂 Smell is another kicker, I can not deal with the smell of smoke or strong chemical cleaning products. One whiff and I am out of there.

~Lastly, price. I am willing to pay a bit more for whole foods. However, I am also a thrifty musician and mother of two so I have to pay close attention to the costs of things. I generally check to see if there is a menu online first, then look in the kitty to see if we have enough spare change. Sometimes if it is a place I really want to try but I don’t have the cash, I’ll try to book the venue for a lunch or dinner show. 🙂

Ok so, stay tuned because my first stop will be 143 N. Broadway St. Green Bay, WI . Kavarna and Parisi’s Deli.